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App Name Info
Genres App
App Size 17 MB
Android Version Varies with device
Developper Memorigi
Last Updated 24 Feb 2021
Total Download 50M+
New Version Varies with device
Android App IOS App
🏆#1 Best To-do List of 2021 - Digital Trends 🏆#1 Top Android Apps of 2021 - Sam Beckman 🏆#2 Best To-do List of 2021 - Android Authority Memorigi is a free to-do list, task manager, calendar, planner, and reminder app to organize, plan, and accomplish any project. Memorigi is different. Its unique minimalist user interface (UI) combined with its delightful user experience (UX) makes working on your projects a breeze.

SIMPLE YET POWERFUL With Memorigi you can use groups, lists, headings, tasks, and tags to organize your projects and accomplish what's important to you.

INTUITIVE AND GOAL-ORIENTED Memorigi todo list, task manager, planner, calendar, and reminders app provides an easy and intuitive user interface. You can use swipe gestures to quickly schedule and reorganize your to do lists, tasks, and projects. Memorigi's UI/UX is perfectly tailored to help you achieve the most from your day.

BEAUTIFUL AND FEATURE-RICH Take advantage of the many features designed to make your life easier included in Memorigi to-do list, planner, task manager, calendar, and reminders app.

AN ORGANIZER Create simple to-do lists with Memorigi todo list, task manager, calendar, planner, and reminders app. Manage your tasks, create short and long-term life goal lists, grocery, and shopping lists. Track your high school, university and work projects. Create tasks with reminders for your payments and workout classes. Plan your holidays and events. Take notes. Focus on what matters to you.

A DAILY PLANNER Memorigi todo list, calendar, task manager, and reminders app provides: • A GTD (Get Things Done) Inbox approach - capture first, plan later • A Today view to focus on the important tasks of the day • An Upcoming view to plan your week and month • A Logbook view to track your progress and completed work.

A TASK MANAGER When using Memorigi as a free task manager you get: • Beautiful widget for your tasks and to-do lists • Powerful reminders with recurring patterns • Colorful tasks and lists with icons to categorize your life projects • Subtasks to break your tasks into manageable steps • Attachments to upload important files to your tasks.

A TO-DO LIST When using Memorigi as a free todo list you can create: • Grocery and shopping lists • Birthdays list • Books to read list • Payments list • Chores list • and much more!

Features of Memorigi todo list, task manager, calendar, planner, and reminders app Web app - to access your todo lists and tasks from anywhere. Email tasks Integration - send emails as tasks to your lists.* Google Calendar Integration - to see your calendar events and tasks side by side.* Lists - to organize your projects and todo lists. Headings - to organize tasks within your projects. Tags - to categorize your tasks and lists.* Deadlines - to keep track of important dates.* Today view - to crush your day-to-day tasks and help you reach your goals. Upcoming view - to see your recurrent and non-recurrent work for any given day. Nag me - to help you stop procrastination.* Swipe gestures - to reorder, schedule, and reorganize your tasks. Date reminders - with recurrent patterns like weekly on Monday and Thursday or every 2 hours or on completion of a task.* Statistics - to help you track your progress.* Memorigi Cloud - to keep your data always in sync across multiple devices.* Lists, Colors, Icons and Ringtones - for a colorful and richer organization. Read Aloud - to read your due tasks aloud.* Attachments - to safely store your todo lists, photos and documents.* *Subscribed features Learn more at: Connect with us at Twitter: @memorigi Facebook: @memorigi Instagram: Reddit: r/memorigi.

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