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FareCompare | Cheap flights and hotel booking

FareCompare : Cheap Flights App helps you to find the cheapest flights and best hotel booking deals. With our real-time flight tracker feature, you’ll always have the latest updates about your itinerary.

We search and compare thousands of trusted travel sites with one click and help you to find the best flight tickets and hotel rooms. Our verified 1000s of online travel agencies and airlines are at your disposal to cover your travel needs throughout the world. We cover both domestic and international markets to find the hottest deals, cheap flights, even last minute flight booking deals and discounts. Our specialized and optimize search engine ensures that you always get the best deals and helps to make your travel more comfortable, stress-free, and pocket-friendly. Apart from travel agencies we also have tie-ups with many low-cost budget airlines to find airfare from airlines’ websites directly. We also provide you with the best offers, deals, and discounts on hotel booking. Here you can find the best price hotel, motel, BnBs, vacation rentals, guesthouses, hostels, luxury resorts and more.

Some of the popular agencies we compare are CheapFlights, CheapHotels, Cheaptickets, Sastiticket, AviaSales, JetRadar, Trivago, Trivago Flights, Hopper Tickets, Oyo Rooms, Hotellook, FabHotels, Expedia, FlightNetwork, Tripsta, Smartfares, Travelgenio, Momondo, Skyscanner, Kayak, Kiwi, Opodo, Orbitz, Kupibilet, Hooper Tickets, JetCost, Kiwi, Opodo, Orbitz, Kupibilet, ihg, and many more.

Popular airlines included in our search results are Emirates, Alaska Airlines, SouthWest Airlines, Delta Air Lines, EasyJet, SkyWest Airlines, Spirit Airlines, ExpressJet Airlines, Frontier Airlines, British Airways, Hawaiian Airlines, Air Canada, United Airlines, JetBlue, Hawaiian Airlines, Southwest Airlines, American Airlines, Air France, Bangkok Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Spirit Airlines, AirAsia, Air Transat, Lufthansa, KLM, Envoy Air, Frontier Airlines, and many more.


Tired of searching for flight tickets through different websites? With our Flight finder app, get the best deals & offers on cheap airline tickets booking. We always focus on the low price ticket for our users. Also, find last minute flights offers with us.


✈️. Find domestic, International, Budget, and even last minute flights. ✈️. Filter search results & select airplane tickets according to your criteria. ✈️. Simple and easy procedures for flight tickets booking.

Why you should book with FareCompare ?

• Exhaustive hotel results: Compare all the top travel sites with just one search to find the best hotel deals at FareCompare travel booking app - awarded the world’s best hotel booking site.

• Comprehensive flight meta-search engine: Our search engine compares 1000s of airlines and many online travel agencies to get you the best and the lowest airline ticket available on the internet at any given moment.

• Multi-City travel: Save time while planning to fly between multiple cities. Enter your cities and dates, allow us to do the heavy lifting.

• Advanced filter option: Find your preferred deals easily through our advanced filter option where you can precisely tweak your time, budget, carriers and many more requirements.

• No commission: We charge you zero commission or convenience fee ever.

• 24x7 Customer support: You are important, in case you face any challenges or need any assistance, we are always there to help you via live chat, email, and ticket support. So go ahead and enjoy the best search results and find the cheapest booking prices without any worry.

Disclaimer: FareCompare helps you to find cheap flights. We don’t sell airline tickets directly. We facilitate your search by going through thousands of OTA, airline, hotel, and travel websites and help you provide cheap flight and hotel booking.

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