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Genres App
App Size As On Google Play
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Developper Zordo
Last Updated As On Google
Total Download 10M+
New Version 4.0
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Zordo Browser Lite is a lightning fast and lightweight web browser. Zordo Browser Lite brings you a blazing fast online experience.

Zordo Browser Lite is a lightning fast and lightweight web browser. Zordo Browser Lite brings you a blazing fast online experience. Our new, powerfully intuitive Awesome Bar makes searching faster and easier than ever. Plus, now you can customize your home screen with your choice of themes and pin your preferred sites for quick access.

About Zordo Browser

► Zordo Browser Lite is dedicated to keeping the power of the internet in people's hands.

► We're a global community of users, contributors and developers working to innovate on your behalf.

► When you use Zordo Browser Lte, you become a part of that community, helping us build a brighter future for the internet.

Here are some features of Zordo browser Lite.

► Fast as lightning : This fast include the speed of open app and exit. Also include the fast speed of browse webs. Give your android phone fast-moving speed . Enjoy your fast web browse.

► Light but more : All the design is light and lite. All the experiences are light. If you enjoy the light browser , you got to love this one . Enjoy your light web browse time.

► Mini on android : The tiny apk. help save the memory of android device. Mini size also help android device smooth than ever. Enjoy your smooth web browse time.

► Best for Geek : Efficient is especially important. And the lite interface give you a fresh feel all the time. Enjoy your fresh and efficient web browse time.

► Quiet Browser : Zordo browser Lite won’t push news and other things to you. No bother to your android devices.

► Mini Browser : Zordo browser Lite use much less memory usage on your android devices. Keep your android devices as fast as new.

► Lite Browser : Zordo browser Lite is designed for Minimalism. Best choice for geek user and who enjoy lite products.

► Customized Browser : You can easily customize Zordo browser Lite. This is your own web browser. Best android browser for you to design your own homepage.

► Fastest Browser : Zordo browser Lite is smooth for most android device. And we optimized a lot for fast browse.

► A Lightweight Web Browser : This incredibly mini browser is less than 7MB APK size, taking up almost no space on your mobile.

► Meet the New Awesome Bar : The Awesome Bar delivers more intelligent results than a regular search experience. Quickly get to the content you visit the most with tailor-made results from your search history, bookmarks and tabs.

► Lightning Fast Browsing Speed : Zordo Browser Lite promises you a lighting fast browsing experience!

► Make Yourself at Home : Choose your own theme or background color for your home screen. Plus, pin your preferred sites, and customize content & services (Games, News, Travel) based on your interests - simply with one click.

► Advanced Private Browsing : Browse without a trace. No history, no passwords, no cookies recorded when browsing in the private browsing mode. With the tracking protection, which most browsers don’t have, Zordo Browser Lite's advanced private mode can prevent advertisers and websites from tracking you.

► Save Data – and Cash : Save on data costs By enabling image blocking while you browse.

► Screenshot the Whole Page : You can capture the whole page to read offline with a single tap on the toolbar. And a website link is automatically saved too, so you can quickly browse back there whenever you want.

► Smart Shopping Search : Find great deals quickly and easily. With Smart Shopping Search, simply tap on convenient tabs to compare products and prices across multiple shopping sites at once.

► Save Phone Space : Clear your cache straight from the menu to free up storage space fast. Or with a quick flip in settings, you can save your cache and downloads straight to an SD Card.

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